Strategic Plan

“Providing leadership and resources to strengthen the greater Easley business community and create a positive business environment and member experience”

The Board of Directors of the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce, with valued input for the full chamber membership, has taken a critical step in creating a future that will improve the business climate for our area and enhance the long term viability of our chamber.  Planning is a management tool, and our strategic plan will be used for one purpose only - to help the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce do the best possible job for its members, the health of the community, and for the viability of local economic development.

The plan will allow our Chamber to remain a truly meaningful, relevant organization to its investors and to the community in general, as well as allow our Chamber to focus its energy and resources to ensure that committees and task forces are working toward the same goals.  

The strategic work of our Chamber will be anchored in these Guiding Values / Principles. 
            Member Focused & Experience Driven
            Partnerships and Regional Collaborations 
            Business Advocacy
            Building Community 
            Respect & Integrity

Along with these guiding principles, four strategic areas of focus have been identified as critical to the future vitality and viability of the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce and the business community it serves. 
            The Voice of Business
            Business & Entrepreneurial Development
            Organizational Growth & Sustainability 
            Telling Our Story

To view the full Strategic Plan, please click here. For questions or more information, please call the Chamber office at 864-859-2693.